Fundación ADEIT

Plaza Virgen de la Paz, 3 46001 Valencia

21-23 November 2024

60 speakers

National and international

Technical Secretariat: Singulae

Dear Colleagues,

The IX Congress on Thoracic Anesthesia, organised by the General University Hospital Consortium of Valencia, will be held from November 21 to 23 in Valencia.

This year the event has requested, as in previous years, the accreditation/endorsement of the EACTAIC, SEDAR, EVES, Ministry of Health, and University.

A total of 60 speakers with extensive clinical experience in thoracic anaesthesia will participate in this year’s congress, 54 Spanish and 6 international ones, from Europe and America.

The program of this 9th congress includes extensive training featuring CLINICAL SIMULATION, especially in the 6 workshops aimed at acquiring skills in basic and advanced airway management; in addition, it includes 2 workshops on ventilation, 1 on haemodynamics, and 1 on ultrasound applied to the airway and to anaesthesia/thoracic surgery.

Of course, the event will analyse the evolution of thoracic surgery, ranging from thoracotomy, through video-assisted thoracic surgery (VATS), to the robotic thoracic surgery technique (RATS), in which the General University Hospital Consortium of Valencia (CHGUV) is one of the pioneers in Spain.

In addition, the  most useful locoregional analgesia techniques that can be applied to thoracic surgery will be presented, adapting them to minimally invasive surgery processes and the ERAS program in Thoracic Surgery, which has been implemented in many hospitals.

On the other hand, new airway management techniques for pulmonary isolation and/or separation, pulmonary protection ventilation methods, and general management in general surgery will be presented by renowned national and international experts.

Finally, the congress will address Perioperative Medicine, which is aimed at the optimisation of patients who are susceptible to thoracic surgery and oesophageal surgery through programs such as prehabilitation. On the other hand, clinical protocols that reduce perioperative morbidity and mortality will be reviewed, such as the optimal management of neuromuscular/reversing relaxants, brain monitoring and haemodynamics, among other subjects.

Best regards,

Dr. Manuel Granell Gil
Thoracic Member of SEDAR and EACTAIC
Head of the Anaesthesiology Department of the General University Hospital Consortium of Valencia
Staff Professor of Anaesthesiology, Universitat de Valéncia.

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